Being Written

I'm really starting to get into this blogging thing! I'm actually enjoying it profusely! I think the main reason is because I now realize that IT'S OKAY if every post isn't a production. Just some random thoughts and little moments where I keep learning to dance in the rain is enough for me.
"People's Punisher isn't about being read... it's about being written."
Oh the words of Gurkin give me comfort. Who is Gurkin you ask? I am appalled at the even idea that someone who reads my blog doesn't know this movie reference. (I may have just contradicted myself just then...) I suppose I can tell... if you really cannot recall. Gurkin is the 'Grumpy' character from 'Sydney White!' Only one of the best revamped Disney movies... okay, Cinderella Story is pretty awesome! However, I shall always like Amanda Bynes more than Hilary Buff, just sayin'. 

This is Gurkin

ANYWAY! (Notice how I did not put an 's' on the end of the word 'anyway,' that is because it does not belong there! It is singular, so please be so kind to stop saying 'anyways.' It would make for a much happier Aubrey ;) ) I was thinking earlier how much I want to update my blog! It's almost like a journal... but then again, I really don't want my journal open to anyone to read on the internet! Then this wonderful quote came to mind. I can honestly say that most of my motivation stems from simply openly writing my thoughts and adding fun pictures if I would like. I really don't like my handwriting and typing is so much faster... plus you can change the font! I get tired of writing in my journal much faster than I get tired of writing on my blog. No worries though, I will not use this blog to air my dirty laundry. I have even deleted/modified posts when certain aspects no longer represented truth. I did not divulge the reasons for these edits because they were PERSONAL. As in, NOT for the public of the world wide web.

I won't go as far to say that I don't enjoy when I find out that people are actually following my blog. I actually love it! I especially love it when people comment *hint hint*. Even Gurkin is overjoyed when he finds out a student group on campus gets together once a week and reads his blog.

Let me reiterate... I will not use this blog as my journal, but as my creative writing outlet! (There aren't many sources for me to do that anymore... too many essays for school about boring subjects.) I almost feel like I'm saying that as a way to convince myself that I will be vague about my personal life in most of my posts. If I step over a line, please tell me, okay? Okay. 

Back to 'Sydney White,' it's awesome. Watch it.

I'm Aubrey Nance and I love dancing in the rain!
I'm a dork!

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